• OBDII connectivity, easy to install
  • Quad band GSM/GPRS frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Wide operating voltage range 8V to 32V DC
  • Internal u-blox chipset
  • Embedded full featured @Track protocol
  • Internal 3-axis accelerometer for power saving and motion detection


  • Extremely compact enclosure 63mm*50mm*21.8mm
  • Internal 3-axis accelerometer supporting driving behavior monitoring, power conservation and motion detection
  • Internal u-blox chipset
  • Low power consumption, long standby time with internal battery
  • Quad band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Embedded full featured @Track protocol


The GPS locator GL300A is a perfect fit for monitoring multitude temporarily-dispatched, outsourced vehicles and containers in logistics industry. It boasts ultra-long standby time with large-capacity internal battery and low power consumption. Its power button is pressed for direct usage, while no installation is required at all. GL300A also functions to monitor the real-time environmental status as it is designed compatible to high-accuracy temperature and humidity sensor and optical sensors.

The GV300CAN is a compact GPS tracker designed for a wide variety of vehicle tracking applications.

GL530 is a GPS locator featuring long standby time. It is powered by user replaceable CR123A lithium battery pack with a built-in battery toggle switch.

The GV50 Series is a range of GPS trackers designed for a wide variety of simple vehicle tracking applications including vehicle finance asset protection, stolen vehicle recovery and simple fleet management.




Queclink’s GMT200 Helps Recover Stolen Motorcycles


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