Asset Tracking

Self-powered Solutions for Asset Tracking


The GL series is ideal for monitoring the location of assets that cannot supply sufficient power to a tracking product or where connections to the power supply compromises the covert requirement of the service. Applications include cargo, luggage, motorcycle, marine, vehicle, people and pet tracking.


The GL200/GL300 offers an optional magnetic holder making these products ideal for short term tracking and sting operations. 

The GL500 offers an integrated microphone for covert voice monitoring applications. 

The GL505 is IPX7 waterproof.


The internal motion sensors included in all of GL series products allows best in class battery performance. For example, the GL500/GL505 is designed to offer up to 1000 days standby time on two replaceable internal batteries.


The internal GPS is supplied by u-blox and includes aGPS support giving excellent cold start performance and accuracy.


All devices support the @Track protocol for which full documentation is provided.