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Webinar: Start Asset Protection Business with Queclink & GpsGate

The global need for asset protection is huge, and is still growing huger. On October 12th, launched by both parties, the joint webinar examined this specific landscape and discussed accesses to the huge value of asset protection business, using Queclink & GpsGate pre-packaged solution to assist customers on the threshold of their business.


Joint Solution by Long-term Partnership


The partnership of Queclink and GpsGate traced back to 2009 and has been kept all along since then. Based on the long-history cooperation, with Queclink locators combining GpsGate platform, both parties launched a joint solution, opening up business opportunities in the asset protection field.


‘This is not a tracking solution; it’s an asset protection solution,’ introduced by Sven, a Webinar spokesman and the delegate from GpsGate. He went on adding to that: 'once the asset goes missing, the solution can find it again. This is its value, and the value is huge.'


Considering protecting demands may diversify with different types of assets, the joint solution supports abundant models of Queclink devices, featuring compact size, covert installation, ultra-long standby time or removal alert and more, integrated into GpsGate Server platform, and thus is planned for worldwide application in a wide range of assets.


'Huge Value' of Asset Protection Business


As statistics suggest, the market of vehicle anti-theft system is to grow by 8.8% and excess $14 billion by 2025. During 2016, in the U.S.A. solely, 836 thefts led to a loss of $172.9 million; in the EMEA region, this number climbed to 5 incidents per day accounting for total €77.6 million losses. Once stolen, the assets are ever difficult to be recovered.


'Huge costs are involved in the lost assets', stated by Mr. Sven, proving the huge market for asset protection business.


As for getting one slice of the huge value, Sven stressed it’s important to select an efficient solution and target at the right type of customers; furthermore, a wise market choice would be the market one feels close to and understands. With Queclink devices varying in size, functions, etc., the joint solution can aim at any vehicle/ motorcycle/ bicycle owners with a protection need. 


Both parties still underlined four types of resellers, including vehicle resellers, home electronics resellers, insures and telco operators, all of which would enjoy an increase in the income and customer retention rate, both directly brought by the asset protection service.


It was pinpointed that the asset protection can be very easy for deployment, and for consumers to use with various assets. Through a video demonstration, attendees were shown how end customers, using the mobile APP, locked their valuable assets to preset area and received SMS alert as the asset state became abnormal. In this way, the assets were in 24h remote control and can be recovered even lost.


'Our joint solution is purely smartphone-based. The easier we make the solution, the easier you’ll sell it to customers,' stated by both sides at the end of Webinar.