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Exhibition: Queclink's Now and Future in China's IoV Market

It’s not only the showcase for Queclink telecommunication products, but our one large step forward in the China’s IoV market – this is what Queclink has just gone through at the 2017 SAE-China Congress & Exhibition during October 24-26.



▲ Queclink booth on the Exhibition


Queclink Products: Facilitate the IoV Business


IoV (Internet of Vehicles) business is catching the eyes of China’s vehicle manufacturers, and Queclink catches onto the trend with its diversified telecommunication products.


Queclink trakers, which efficiently support the IoV applications in industries, are never just accurate GNSS sampling. They gather all sorts of vehicle data, and able to collect and analyze further needed information based on the embedded sensors.


Especially, Queclink GV808 at display brings to reality a super on-board communication platform, with the ever abundant interfaces adapt to multiple protocols and its exceptional capacity of gathering and processing massive data.


At present, these telecommunication devices are broadly applied in the international markets of fleet management, intelligent transportation system, financial risk control and usage-based insurance. The diversified functions, the exceptional quality and the high cost performance together have built up Queclink's international reputation, and paved its way for the expansion in China's IoV marketplace. 


Great Potential in the Future


On the Exhibition, Queclink trakcers have been connected with the buzz words of V2X (Vehicle to Everything) and T-box, both regarded by China's clients as promising IoV applications on the horizon.


According to Queclink staff, the company’s devices realize 2G/3G/4G multi-band operation, support CANBus interface connection, achieve local communication via Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi and further fit into multiple platforms. All these have enhanced Queclink competitiveness among its counterparts in current China market.


It is commented by the responsible person of Queclink Domestic Business Department:


'At present we are having global customers using Queclink devices in many fields. We are still moving on, and making Queclink products the communication center in future IoV business. They will be more than gathering and transmitting the data, but will truly realize the great potential of big data analysis for vehicles and the intelligent traffic system.'