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CIIF 2017: Get to Know Queclink Products for the New Trends

Since November 7th, the 2017 CIIF (China International Industrial Fair) has made Shanghai a bustling place with over 2,500 exhibitors from China and abroad. This has been a time for Queclink showcase of our successful cases in the ITS and shared economy fields, and where we harvested potential customers as well as cooperative opportunities.


GNSS devices in the new trend


We are all at a point facing with the diversified and smart development of motor-related industries with the aid of telecommunication technologies. Queclink products, integrated with the high-accuracy GNSS chipset, the 3-axis accelerometer and support 2G/3G/4G multi-band operation, are linking the driver, the vehicle with the backend administrator at  a quite low cost of communication, but can improve the efficiency of vehicle monitoring in the ITS applications, including fleet management, modern logistics, vehicle leasing and UBI, etc.


According to the company stuff, as trackers, Queclink products are proficient at positioning, motion detection and data transmission, and they are also suitable for special vehicles and industries applications, with designs as multi-functional telecommunication devices.


For example, there is Queclink GV600, which is IP67 compliant waterproof and realizes 90-day standby time for trailer and tanker tracking. Besides, Queclink GV800 is designed with abundant I/Os and serial ports to connect sensors and CANBus, thus is ideal for cold chain transportation and more professional applications.


And we gave a vivid on-site demonstration. Mounting Queclink GV300 on a remote-controlled car, we gave orders to the product and immitated how administrators can control the ignition on/off, the power off and the fuel cut-off of vehicles at the backend - thanks to the I/Os designs of Queclink products.


A good start in the shared economy


The shared economy is thriving. At the 2017 CIIF, Queclink also showcased our first shared economy project a lock customized for LimeBike, the American-based shared bicycle brand, which is currently used by all of the LimeBikes in America.


This customized lock is water resistant, which makes it immune to rainy or snowy weather and very solid for daily use. It is embedded with a GPS chipset for accurate positioning and a 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection. With Queclink lock, the LimeBike can be unlocked and monitored from faraway. 


Queclink lock aroused deep interest from the customers. As they believed, the GNSS trackers and Queclink design would also contribute to more projects in the shared economy, which would be attractive for the future cooperation.