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Queclink to Unveil CAT-M1 Series across North America for IoT Deployment

Queclink Wireless Solutions, a leading IoT player in the North American competition, is investing heavily in LTE industries to debut a collection of CAT-M1 hardware which offer competitive product pricing and compatibility to IoT strategies of local network carriers.


The roadmap of LTE-based GPS tracking products is another example of how Queclink is aggressively focused on expanding the North American market, with current network footprint of 400 million assets.


The first CAT-M1 products, including GL300MA, GV50MA and GV600MA, will be available for customer testing as early as December 2017 to January 2018. Queclink will also provide a special showcase of these new series during the coming exhibition at CES 2018, from January 9-12 next year.


Compared to previous 3G counterparts, the CAT-M1 Series will carry prominent advantages including lower consumption and better signal coverage, which make them perform better especially deep inside buildings or within remote areas.


Queclink is now targeting the CAT-M1 Series at wide IoT deployments to boost a full range of business such as fleet management, UBI, supply chain management, security and alarm monitoring, personal and connected car tracking, and more.


Furthermore, the Cat-M1 GPS Tracking devices are software-upgradeable to support mainstream networks of both AT&T and Verizon without changing hardware, closing the gap in the two main technologies for Network providers across North America.


“With the CAT-M1 Series, we will be able to reach new places and connect new things at a more affordable price than ever before. Our CAT-M1 tracking devices will spur clients to open doors to IoT innovations within their own business models,” says John Dufresne, US Sales Director, of the much significance of Queclink's CAT-M1 series.