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Queclink Unveils New Product GV300CAN

​Queclink Wireless Solutions, a world leading provider of wireless telematics hardware, is focused on the IoV field and unveils its new product GV300CAN, which takes advantage of CANBus technology that is extensively applied in the worldwide markets.


Queclink GV300CAN is a compact GPS tracking device with easy installation. The product is embedded with the u-blox chipset that capable of fast GPS sampling, and has a built-in 3-axis accelerometer allowing sensitive motion detection.


Compact as it is, GV300CAN can support CAN and J1708 interfaces, which directly decode information from the ECU of multiple types of vehicles, while depending on no external devices.


The product further features with a series of digital/ analog inputs/ outputs that are used for controlling and monitoring peripherals supporting ignition detection, fuel level sensing, etc. It also has a 1-wire interface for temperature sensor or iButton driver ID.


Queclink is proudly targeting GV300CAN at a wide range of IoV segmented markets globally, including the automobile telematics, fleet management and usage-based insurance applications, etc. 


For Quelink GV300CAN specification, please link to