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Embrace 4G CAT-M1 Low Consumption Telematics Times with the rollout of whole range Queclink products at MWCA 2018

On the final countdown to MWC Americas 2018, Queclink Wireless Solutions, a global leading provider of wireless telematics products, are excited to be present at show with rollout of its whole-range brand new LTE CAT-M1 products to meet the market demands, as the US carriers began switching to 4G network.


Queclink is proud to be one of the global IoT pioneers that firstly completed low power consumption 4G products deployment for the US market. The company is now more than glad that the LTE CAT-M1 series will go live soon, and are looking forward that these models will bring new business opportunities for a wide range of fields.


4G CAT-M1 network has been regarded as a name for high flexibility, high speed transmission yet is connected with low power consumption. That means, with a 4G-based telematics device, end users will be able to conduct accurate and quick real-time monitoring even in remote areas with weak signals, but to save costs for their business compared with using a 3G model.


The 4G roadmap of Queclink has unfolded since 2017, when the company began heavily investing and innovating in this sector. During the first half of 2018, Queclink published its initial achievements – GL300MA, GV50MA and GV350MA – which were known as the earliest telematics products certified by Verizon/ AT&T on the US market. These models were then warmly received in the fields of fleet management, transportation monitoring and asset monitoring, etc.


As the company continues exploring in the 4G sector, Queclink will altogether unveil 6 models by the end of the 3rd Quarter in 2018, including the initial 3 products and also the latest models of GV500MA, GV600MA and GL500MA. The series are designed to meet the demands of different customers, offering hardware solutions for a wider range of applications than before, including stolen vehicle recovery, fleet management, usage-based insurance, trailer tracking, asset monitoring, and so on.