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Queclink celebrates its tenth birthday

You don’t see it every day.


Adam Liao and Edwin Peng – our CEO and VP respectively – quickly stepped up to stage and grabbed two microphones from the performers’ hands in the middle of a song titled RUN, and both enthusiastically joined the chorus. “Run with the wind in the direction of freedom, chase the thunder and lightning.”



The two bosses couldn't help but be excited and proud. Well, they had a good reason. 


It was a scene from the Queclink 10th Anniversary Dinner Party which was held in a hotel by the beautiful Thousand-Islet Lake on the final day of May.




Throughout the past decade we ran hard and fast. This one night, we sat down to look back, celebrate, and enjoy the success of Queclink. 


Ten years ago, a dozen of young people at their 20s and 30s started out in a small office. They worked day and night, full of passion and eager to win a place in the emerging IoT industry. The flavor of the hot pot at 3AM in celebration of a successful trial production is unfading memory shared by all of them.


At the dinner party honors were showered on them, 11 veteran staff members who have been devoted to the work here for TEN years – yes, as long as our history – and have made a great contribution to the development of Queclink.



Our staff members were able to wind down and refresh themselves in the arms of the nature throughout the following two-day sightseeing tour.


We travelled around the huge lake with a thousand islets on a cruise.




We also took some awesome group pictures. The aerial photography helped captured our group pose of the Queclink logo. Check out how cool it is.