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Queclink’s GV300W and GV55W Certified by CESVI Mexico

Queclink’s GV300W and GV55W, two of our reliable vehicle tracking devices, become certified by the Center of Experimentation and Road Safety Mexico (a.k.a. CESVI Mexico) – a prominent, trusted research and experimentation organization in the Latin American country. Queclink’s distribution partner RICOM COMERCIALIZADORA S.A. de C.V. has contributed greatly in the process.


Both GV300W and GV55W are classified as Category 1, after passing strict tests and objective evaluations conducted by CESVI Mexico, validating the products’ reliability and stable performance. Being certified by a major insurance industry testing organization confirms the reliability of the devices for use by insurance providers.


Both GV300W and GV55W support such features as driving behavior monitoring, geo-fences, and tow alarm, enabling innovative insurance solutions including Usage-based insurance (UBI). With multiple interfaces GV300W supports a wide variety of external accessories, and suits a wide range of vehicles. Mini-size GV55W offers more cost-effective solutions for light duty applications, allowing for easy installation.


Already a significant player in the telematics industry in LATAM, Queclink looks forward to contributing even more to the development of the insurance industry and overall road safety there. For detailed information on GV300W, GV55W and more Queclink’s products and services, please contact