Our Partner

GpsGate AB develops innovative software solutions for web based GPS tracking (GpsGate Server).
GpsGate AB provides customers with affordable software providing real business value.
GpsGate Server is easy to install and can run on your own server behind your firewall.
GpsGate AB is a privately held company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Key Telematics provides the finest asset management software to companies across the globe. It provides a cloud based, white labelled platform that is multi lingual and has extraordinary flexibility for the solution provider.

Monito is a distributor of Queclink’s devices in Europe.

Gurtam is a Belarus-based company specializing in development of telematics software solutions, with offices in Moscow (Russia), Kaunas (Lithuania), and Boston (USA).

WideTech is a leading GPS and logistics provider in the Americas, providing logistics administration services for vehicular fleets and field staff through GPS and telemetric technology. It is Queclink’s distribution partner in the Americas.