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TagoIO offers a complete end-to-end cloud platform for businesses to enable the implementation of their connected product solution. TagoIO contains all the modules needed for the implementation of an IoT project, such as device management, data storage, real-time data visualization, custom analytics, and notifications.
TagoIO platform is self-managed, which means that minimum effort is needed to keep the operation up and running. Each dashboard is totally customized by each customer by selecting our widgets like table, dials, maps, charts, and videos.
Our well-designed User Interface allows non-technical personnel to easily build the first solution in a few hours. By using Tago, our customers have already delivered great solutions for agriculture, transportation, services, logistics, and industrial applications. Our unique simplified setup process to build dashboards and implement analytics makes it quick and easy for customers to implement solutions with aggressive deadlines and costs.
Tago offers a complete online cloud platform to connect different types of devices and data source. By adding Queclink modules in its portfolio, TagoIO continues to expand in North America and worldwide.
For more information visit:  https://tago.io/