Queclink Response to CORONAVIRUS Disease (COVID-19)


Since COVID-19 broke out, Queclink has acted swiftly to respond. With orderly resumption of work and production, we have been guaranteeing quality products delivery to our customers, and closely monitoring the public health challenges linked to the pandemic.

29th of January: we set up an emergency response team

Quick to develop a response plan and guide a series of protective actions, our response team has taken and will continue to take all appropriate prevention and control measure to ensure health security of all our employees.

To help resume work and production for the next stage, our response team has been working cross departments for the continual operation of all domestic R&D centers and overseas offices.

7th of February: we resumed work

To avoid physical contact with others, Queclink resumed work via working from home in early February. Both domestic and overseas employees were provided masks and other protective gear every day.

Due to China’s effective control of COVID-19, we implemented employees working hours in mid-February and over 90% employees gradually resumed usual working schedules. Now in domestic office, employees work regularly and stay connected with our customers to provide reliable and trustworthy service.

17th of February: we resumed production in factories and products delivery

To deliver high-quality products to our customers as always, Queclink has implemented a series of actions to guarantee the safe manufacturing conditions and procedures in our factories, including:

  1. Daily disinfection practices to ensure clean and sanitized warehouse and factory
  2. Rigid factory control including temperature checks before entry
  3. Workers must wear masks and gloves, keep safe distance and regularly clean equipment on production lines and in packaging procedure

From end of February until now: we fully resumed work and production

As one of few to fulfill orderly resumption of work, our production and business operation has been steady. By the end of February, our factories and production lines has completed full resumption of work and production and the products delivery has been back to normal.

The domestic and overseas shipping channels are restored and the order delivery is in an orderly manner. New product R&D projects are undergoing smoothly.

Impacted by the pandemic, the supply of raw materials has been in short, this year, but the purchasing department of Queclink has been working closely with those suppliers and achieved the coordination of long-term materials.

Queclink will continue to ensure a safe and healthy working environment, taking care of our people’s health security and delivering high-quality products to customers on time. Customers can always rely on our excellent products and services.