New Product Launch: Sigfox Model Series – GL52S


Queclink Wireless Solutions, a world leading provider of wireless telematics hardware, announces our new series of product – GL52S that combines GNSS technology with Sigfox technology.

As one of LPWA technologies, Sigfox features in low power and low network costs and is resistant to existing jamming techniques. It works perfect in low data usage applications that require low data volume and low transmission frequency.

GL52S has four versions that support Sigfox radio configurations independently – RC1, RC2, RC4 and RC7, and is adaptable for more than seventy countries and regions including USA, Brazil, Russia, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

GL52S lasts for up to four years with 1900 mAh capacity, built on Queclink’s innovative battery management technology.

As micro as a matchbox, GL52S is easy for covert installation if required and also supports optional IP67 waterproof case for more harsh application environments. Its built-in BLE 5.0 supports communications with other devices.

With Sigfox technology and Queclink’s pioneer experiences in asset security, GL52S is specially designed for stolen vehicle recovery, inventory control, stationary asset monitoring and other tracking management applications.

For Queclink GL52S specifications, please visit