Queclink Exhibited At CES 2020


The CES 2020 (Consumer Electronics Show) was a great event of celebration for many high-tech fans around the world.

Las Vegas, well known as “Gambling Capital”, has gained a new name of “Convention City” in recent years. The CES attracted nearly 200,000 people to the place within one week.  

The IoT Pavilion was set in the Westgate Hall. Stepping into the main entrance of the hall, you can see the Queclink booth immediately in sight.  

Under the prominent red banner “Your Reliable Partner Since 2009”, our main products – vehicle, asset and personal tracking devices and accessories are displayed. Many visitors from Latin America stopped here to inquire about products for 2G / 3G network. Impressed by diverse products suitable for a variety of application scenarios, Queclink’s strong sales and technical support networks in LATAM, good market penetration and brand reputation, many of them showed lots of interest in further cooperation.

Our full range of LTE products is the highlight of the exhibition. As one of the earliest manufacturers to launch a complete 4G product line, we used to have several sub-models according to the network frequency bands.

 But the LTE product family showcased this time is not only richer in categories, but also the original sub-models have been merged. This means that our 4G products can be compatible with all relevant frequency bands of Cat M1 and NB-IoT at the same time with fallback to 2G. The abundant network support frequency bands will undoubtedly bring many old and new customers more convenience and freedom in choosing products.

In addition to our own staff at home and abroad, the Queclink team was also joined by our distributor in the US who has cooperated with Queclink for many years. Their deep knowledge in Queclink products and the local market, and the localized services they are able to provide, make them a unique role especially in dealing with local customers who requires complex application scenarios and a relatively small quantity of devices.

The distributors’ contributions to Queclink exhibitions around the world are also demonstration of Queclink’s strong global sales and service network.

 Farewell to CES, let’s meet at Mobile World Congress Barcelona next month!