Queclink Exhibited At MWC Los Angeles 2019


MWC Los Angeles is one of the newest and fastest growing events in the U.S. that brings together leading companies and influential experts from all sectors within the mobile technology industry.

It offers the most dynamic technology exhibition that consists of industry leaders, influencers and emerging innovators. Queclink seized the chance to stand on the stage of this world-class event.

The 3rd annual MWC Los Angeles kicked off on October 22nd at Los Angeles Convention Center. With a team composed of sales and technical experts and the whole range of industry-leading GNSS tracking devices, Queclink demonstrated its leading advantages in technology and overall strength at the show. 

North America has always been the forefront market to validate LTE products. Queclink’s proficient technical team introduced not only the LTE CAT M1/NB1 series devices but also the brand new GV75MG and GV501MG to our old partners and visitors. This time, new features are supported and more solutions are provided!

Moreover, Queclink Smart Livestock Solutions made a debut at MWC. Resorting to more sophisticated and powerful product line, Queclink is keen to achieve brilliant results in the future.

We are proud to announce that some of our LTE CAT M1/NB1 products have been certified by popular operators – Verizon and Sprint. MWC offers a good chance for us to meet with Queclink’s customers and also our platform, operator and other partners, we believe more reliable products and better service will sustain. See you in February at MWC Barcelona.