Queclink Wrapped up the First LATAM Webinar in Success


Queclink held the first LATAM Webinar – Mexico on May 13th. Around 100 customers, all stakeholders in the IoT industry, attended this limited-seating online event and made it an exceptional one.

Special Offerings for LATAM

Since its first LATAM branch office opened in Mexico in 2014, Queclink has long been an acknowledged leading IoT innovator in Latin America.

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On the webinar, we introduced tracking devices and accessories for applications such as fleet management, asset monitoring, car leasing and insurers, all of which are tailored to the LATAM market. Participants were also treated with the most up-to-date information about Queclink’s leading-edge LTE product portfolio and new software applications.

Also shared was Queclink’s experience in tackling COVID-19, including some actions that the audience could take right away. How Queclink protected its global team, maintained safe manufacturing, and continues to deliver high-quality products will also help our customers and their businesses keep resilient.

 Good morning in Mexico & good evening in Shanghai

A 2.5-hour webinar can be challenging for both speakers and audience. But the audience’s lasting passion gave us much strength to keep going. Nearly every participant stayed till the last minute of the webinar.

The two-month preparation and multiple rehearsals truly paid off. Despite of time difference between LATAM and Shanghai, Queclink’s VP International Sales, International Technical Support Director, LATAM Sales and Tech team and Marketing team all worked closely together in an effort to bring the best to our customers.

 Latin America has been one of Queclink’s strategically important and highly successful markets. Kicking start webinars from this region, we will continue to explore innovative ways to stay connected with and bring value to our customers in the challenging time.