Queclink Launches GL50MG Extending Visibility to Valuable Assets


Queclink Wireless Solution (Stock Code: 300590.SZ), a world leading supplier of IoT devices and technologies, has announced the launch of the GL50MG that helps monitor and protect high-value assets.

The GL50MG is the smallest models of Queclink’s 4G portfolios. Less than half height of a pen, it allows more installation possibilities. Ideal for stolen vehicle recovery application that requires covert installation, it also supports automatic mode switching as well as dual mode anti-theft alarm, helping raise the recovery rate.

Built on Queclink’s innovative battery management technology, the GL50MG features one of the longest battery lives among LTE devices of its size in the market and allows unattended management with up to three years’ standby time.

The product is IP67 compliant waterproof for harsh environments, enabling lower cost on daily maintenance.

Queclink’s GL50MG is future-proof and ideal for customers expecting transition from 2G to LTE during the lifecycle of their service offerings.

For more information on Queclink’s asset security solutions click www.queclink.com/asset-security.