Queclink’s GL500MG Safeguards High-Value Asset in Storage and Transport

Effective asset management is more than just a simple location tracking solution. There are environmental management needs and preventative maintenance. And in today’s world the mismanagement of high-value assets can be costly.

A global semiconductor manufacturing company located in the Southern United States needed help to manage its high-value machines in transport as well as the storage conditions in its warehouses throughout the southern US and abroad.

A multi-million dollar problem

These machines are for sale or to be used by the company to produce materials for their most critical business units. The machines are sensitive to heat and moisture which can cause equipment to fail costing time in production, but also costly repairs. The failure of one piece of equipment can cost the company millions of dollars.

The risk is higher when equipment is transferred between facilities. While the company has a method for managing the equipment’s location, it was lacking the ability to monitor the machine’s environmental conditions and exposure to the elements.

The company looked to Queclink Wireless Solutions for ONE product that can help monitor their most valuable assets and protect against potential environmental risk, total loss or damage that can occur during transportation or storage.

Can ALL those problems be solved with ONE solution? Queclink’s answer is YES!

Queclink’s GL500MG + WTH300 can help manage and safeguard capital assets

To tackle asset damage in warehouses, we help our customer build a solution composed of Queclink’s advanced waterproof asset tracker GL500MG (BLE version) and Queclink’s wireless temperature and humidity sensor WTH300. The kit is placed in every crate built around each capital asset in storage.

The WTH300 monitors humidity and temperature around the asset, and transmits the data via BLE to the main device GL500MG every hour. Once the environmental data reaches a preset threshold, our tracker GL500MG would report immediately. 

The GL500MG in power-saving mode helps to report the GNSS position once per week or month in accordance with the company’s specification. Our team worked with the customer’s team to identify the right build for a configuration and helped to implement and test. The GL500MG with high-performance internal battery can last up to 5 years with one GNSS report per day.

The customer selected Queclink’s GL500MG to enable immediate alerts for water leaks, moisture or theft in transport or storage. The company has established a process for an immediate response to ensure that the company’s assets are protected and secure.

GL500MG + WTH300 protects assets in transport

Because these devices are self-powered, the same solution can be utilized to optimize logistics between its various facilities around the globe. When the company’s high-value assets or cargo shipments, are being transferred, for example from the US to China, the tracker GL500MG and the wireless sensor WTH300 are placed in each crate.

Queclink’s tracking devices are ideal for asset tracking with advanced monitoring capabilities built with a waterproof frame that also supports motion and tamper detection. The GL500 series is equipped with light sensors to help asset manager know if their packages have been opened without authority. The GL500MG would report to the backend office immediately once detecting abnormal events.

Queclink offers a winning combination for a leading semiconductor manufacturer

The WTH300, paired up with GL500MG (BLE version) via BLE, monitors humidity and temperature around assets to ensure the equipment is properly stored and maintained during transportation. 

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