Real-time Container Visibility Safeguards High-value Cargo in Transport

Client’s Quote:

“We’ve tried other trackers for the solution before choosing the GV600. The reason for switching to Queclink was because of its great reliability, stable and mature firmware, multiple I/O, high battery capacity and weatherproof resistance. Besides, we’ve been able to rely on their greatly experienced engineering team for solving problems and firmware customizations we’ve needed along the road to meet our customer’s high expectations. Queclink has become one of our Key Technology Partners for assuring a high quality and reliable service” said Teodoro Despiniadis, R&D Director at Satlock.

About Satlock

Satlock, founded in 2011, headquartered in Colombia and with operations in all Latin America, uses GPS-driven electronic seals as part of a risk management system for securing sensitive and high value cargo. The company has extensive experience in security and logistics to help customers fight against the risks of theft, pilferage, tampering and smuggling of drugs and weapons; as well as improving visibility and logistics processes efficiency.


Container pilferage and tampering are two major problems in the transportation of valuable cargo that concern shipping companies. The valuable container cargo needs to be tracked, monitored and secured all along the supply chain journey.

Different kinds of container seals including padlock seals, wire seals and bolt seals are commonly used, which are basically disposable numbered tags. They provide some extent of protection but cannot support trace or recovery of cargos in the case of theft or tampering, as no location and status data is accessible.

For those responsible for delivering cargo from ports to warehouses, every second counts as there are numerous containers and strict custom inspection under tight schedule.


Satlock uses high security electronic seals that adopt a real-time track and trace system, which monitors the cargo throughout the whole cargo logistics process. The included Ultralock-R and Ultralock-G are dedicated to container and truck cargo management with easy installation in any cargo vehicle or maritime ISO container.

At the core of the Ultralock solution is the Queclink customized GV600 series tracking device that delivers real-time alerts via cellular network. It has a customized rechargeable battery with capacity of 19,200 mAh that supplies power to the Ultralock-R and Ultralock-G up to one year. As a result, the device will immediately get the signal via its digital inputs/ outputs and sends instant alert notifications with GNSS location data accordingly, when an unauthorized opening attempt of the container door is detected by the sensor.

Installing these high security electronic seals is simple. It requires no special knowledge or efforts and can be fixed onto the container door within ten seconds. The device’s IP67 compliant ruggedized and waterproof casing guarantee stable performance in harsh weather environments.

Based on the real-time data it is easy for shipping companies to track their containers cargo and react quickly according to the last mile tracking. The Ultralock solution adds an extra layer of security by expanding necessary visibility to container locations and status.

With the integrated solution from Queclink and Satlock, shipping companies that focus on container logistics can ensure the security of cargos, reduce costs and provide better service.

About Queclink

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