Queclink's GL505 Helps Secure Herd from Rural Crimes

Cattle grazing on mountain pasture, as peaceful as they might look, can be easy targets for thieves. Rural crimes such as livestock theft are common around the world. Reports show that the recovery rate of stolen livestock is one of the lowest due to depopulation of rural areas and other reasons. Farmers and herd owners need more support to protect their livestock from organized crimes, natural disasters and diseases.


Setting up a reliable tracking solution for the herd can help farmers and herd owners remotely monitor their animals’ location and status, so that they can take immediate action in the event of danger or emergency.

A tracking solution for livestock can be more demanding than for other items. As animals are often exposed to heavy dust or mud, high humidity, strong wind and sunlight, a tracker as the core hardware must be robust enough to endure such harsh environments. Long standby time of the device is also expected, as recharging or replacement of battery is not easy to practice on the beings.


Queclink is a globally recognized leader in battery-powered asset trackers. Queclink’s GL505 enables an advanced livestock monitoring solution as the wireless tracker allows:

  • up to 5-year standby time with an internal battery pack, with one report per day;
  • steady performance in harsh environments and extreme temperatures with a robust and weatherproof design compliant to IPX7;
  • monitoring the location and movement history of animals with high-precision GNSS chips;
  • custom geo-fences to push alerts once livestock enter or leave designated areas;
  • inactivity detection with motion sensor, ensuring alerts are received if any animal stops moving for a specific amount of time.

The GL505 can be easily fixed and hidden inside the animal’s collar with screws.


With the reliable livestock monitoring solution, farmers and herd owners have a simpler path to:

  • secure their livestock from organized crime and perpetrators;
  • respond faster in emergencies to save the lives of cattle, cows, sheep, goats, etc.;
  • increase recovery rate of the lost livestock;
  • maximize employee resources as less guardians are required to attend to the herd.

Enhance your asset tracking solutions with the globally recognized pioneer and innovator in battery-powered asset trackers. Learn more about Queclink’s static asset tracking solution at https://www.queclink.com/asset-security/ and real-time asset tracking solution at https://www.queclink.com/asset-tracking/.

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