How GPS Live Tracking Supports Lachlan Morton’s Tour de France Alt Tour

Author: Tedde de Boer, Business Owner of Follow My Challenge

Editor: Yana HU, Copywriter at Queclink


In the early days of the Tour de France – one of the three foremost bicycle races, the stages were much longer; riders had to stop at cafés to get food and they had to fix their bikes themselves during the ride. Nothing compared to the Tour de France we know these days.

EF Education-NIPPO pro cyclist Lachlan Morton from Australia decided to go back in time. Back to the long days in the saddle, without team cars to hand him food or drinks, fully unsupported.

Lachlan Morton and his full self-supported setup (photo credits: Grubers)

Not only would he ride all stages of the Tour de France, he decided to ride all transfers as well! A grand total of 5510 kilometers (compared to the 3383 km of the Tour) with 65.500 meters of elevation gain while fundraising for World Bicycle Relief.

Lachlan arrived in Paris after 18 days of cycling, beating the Tour de France peloton by 5 days!

The Alt Tour

The Alt Tour

The Alt Tour is for charity to donate a bike to a child. During the ride, audiences could follow Lachlan live, on a custom build Follow My Challenge map, with updates every 60 seconds. Over 16,000 waypoints have been registered by the GL300 series device that he carried along!

Follow My Challenge chose the Queclink’s GL300 series for this specific challenge mainly because of its capability to use the LTE-M network in France. This LTE-M network guarantees great coverage, especially in combination with the device’s 2G fallback and M2M SIM.

Besides that, the GL300 series is small and lightweight, making it easy to take along. Especially when every bit of weight counts!

Queclink’s GL300 series (photo credits: Rapha)

About Follow My Challenge

Follow My Challenge has been focused on live GPS tracking maps for sports events and races since 2015. All maps, rich of features, can be customised to suit each event best. The map has been optimised for all platforms, from smartphone up to 4K screens.

All live GPS tracking maps come with many features like distance on track detection, leaderboards, event analytics, actual weather reports (inc temperature and wind/wind direction) and even a 3D view!

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