Queclink Sponsors the Torneo De Golf Tournament to Boost IoT Industry Communication


(Mexico City, Mexico, Mar 28, 2022) The 2022 Torneo De Golf Tournament, organized by Tracking Systems, teed off on Monday at Bellavista Golf & Country Club in Mexico. Known as one of the largest annual events in the local IoT industry, the tournament has attracted nearly 200 elites from the logistics and security fields in the country. Queclink Wireless Solutions, as one of the leading suppliers of IoT devices and solutions in LATAM and beyond, contributed to the event as a proud sponsor.

“We are thrilled to participate in the 2022 Torneo De Golf Tournament, and happy to see the event boost energy within the local IoT community in a challenging phase.” said Alejandro Patino Zuluaga, VP of International Sales at Queclink.

This golf tournament provides a platform for the local IoT community members to enjoy the charm of golf and sports. The event also boosts cohesion and collaboration of the industry ecosystem.

Various Queclink products could easily be found on the scene, which can be employed in diverse scenarios such as SVR, fleet management, asset tracking, car leasing, etc. Queclink’s extensive product matrix offers a wide network compatibility in 2G, 3G and LTE Cat M1, Cat 1 and Cat 4. In the past thirteen years, Queclink has been dedicated to providing dependable products and caring service to customers in LATAM and beyond.

 “We sincerely hope to see the local IoT community continue to thrive. Among all Queclink’s international teams worldwide, what makes the Mexico and LATAM special is that they were the first. It’s from there Queclink spread its wings and continued to expand its presence to over 140 countries.” said Alejandro Patino Zuluaga.

Queclink will continue to play an active role in helping the IoT community thrive, on which every participant’s success depends.

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