How Equipment Reantal Businesses Effectively Protect and Leverage High-Value Assets

For construction equipment rental businesses, high-value equipment are crucial, as the business revolves around them.

Queclink’s customer is a telematics service provider located in northern China, supporting over 2.5 million commercial vehicles with their industry-leading telematics platform.

The company adopted Queclink’s mini telematics device GV55 series and have been helping equipment rental businesses to protect their assets and know engine hours with a reliable turn-key GPS tracking solution for years.


Construction equipment like bulldozers and scissor lifts are valuable items in any equipment rental’s inventory. They are often in high demand and expensive to lose.

Without effective equipment tracking method, there can be challenges impacting the company’s asset security and bottom line.

  • When theft happens, lack of visibility and control means extreme difficulty to locate and recover the equipment.
  • For rental business, it is critical to have a convenient and accurate way to calculate work hours for the business model of usage-based payment.


With Queclink’s GV55 series and the customer’s telematics platform, equipment rental companies can easily have access to any equipment’s location and status with just a few clicks. To reduce the downtime of Work hour calculation allows for predictive maintenance which helps rental companies reduce downtime of equipment and increase revenue.


  • High-precision GPS positioning provides visibility to equipment and minimizes the risk of theft.
  • Ignition detection and engine hours tracking ensure accurate work hour calculation and allow for predictive maintenance.

  • Connection with a relay allows for remote immobilization in case of emergency.

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