Queclink's GL521MG Contributes to Cargo and Trailer Safety in Transit

Cargo and trailer theft is becoming an increasingly pressing problem across Europe. In 2022, the transportation sector saw a 20% rise in reported cargo theft, while trailer theft incidents increased by a striking 69%. The theft has caused approximately €8.2 billion of losses in total, with each carrier losing an average of €22,000 per year.

To secure their goods, transporters and logistics companies are turning to connected, reliable IoT systems for possible solutions. Empowered by GL521MG LTE Standby Tracker, along with the WMS301 BLE Sensor, Queclink has helped alleviate the rampant theft and contributed to better cargo and trailer safety in transit. 


The transportation industry is susceptible to theft owing to its inherent nature of moving goods across long distances. Given the unpredictability of the roads, as well as the fact that theft can occur at any point of transportation, tracking cargos and trailers is a must for anyone who wants to ensure asset security along the journey. Yet most tracking devices have only a limited battery capacity. How to keep track of the assets while also reducing the costs of charging and replacing new batteries, hence, becomes a big concern.

Our client, a major European trailer leasing company, is feeling extra pressure, since their trailers and cargos loaded are most vulnerable in locations such as distribution centers and parking lots, where thefts were mostly reported. To help them cut possible losses of cargo and trailer theft, Queclink has offered GL521MG LTE Tracker, by which assets can be effectively tracked and protected.


Queclink’s GL521MG serves as an ideal solution for the leasing company’s asset safety on the road.

GL521MG is both convenient and reliable for long-distance traveling. With its long battery life and featured deep power saving ability, a daily update on the trailers’ locations can be sent by the device to the server on a daily basis for up to one year. The device itself is also rechargeable, allowing for even longer usability. For easier and more efficient charging, Queclink’s 5-in-1 wireless charger kit is also added so that up to 5 devices can be charged at the same time.

GL521MG also employs multiple sensors to collect comprehensive data for improved asset protection. The device uses a motion sensor to detect when the trailer is in use and can activate intelligent adjustment of reporting frequency for a closer watch on the assets’ whereabouts when needed, enabling the recovery of trailers and goods after unexpected theft incidents.

The built-in light sensor, on the other hand, helps ensure that any unauthorized access to the trailer is immediately spotted through tamper detection and ambient light monitoring. Once the device is detached or the light level changes, indicating a possible theft incident of loaded cargo, an alarm will be triggered to help prevent the loss.

For additional anti-theft ability, the WMS301 door sensor is installed. It is a vital feature that lets the leasing company to keep tabs on their cargos, see when the door is opened or closed in real time, and eventually, makes sure the shipment is delivered safely and securely to its destination.


The GL521MG’s IP67-rated waterproof casing and the optional magnetic mounting case make it ideal for dependable outdoor use and speedy device installation on metal surface without the need for technical know-how. Combined with the WMS301 door sensor, the combo solution provides the leasing company with several benefits in combating cargo and trailer theft:

  • Extended Usability

With the power-saving battery and the additional wireless charging kit, the device can keep long-term track of assets and be recharged easily and efficiently for extended usability, making sure that the assets remain in the desired location throughout the transportation.

  • Accurate Location

The device uploads daily reports on the trailer’s location and can increase the frequency of reporting as necessary, assisting in keeping track of the trailer’s whereabouts and ensuring that the cargo is delivered on time.

  • Proactive Protection

The tamper sensor and WMS301 door sensor enable the monitoring of cargo in real-time and alarm for any unauthorized access, allowing the leasing company to respond timely and proactively whilst the theft happens.


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