How Queclink's GV350MG Fights Against ATM Attacks

ATM attacks are becoming increasingly common and the criminals that perpetrate them are becoming bolder. Incidents range from explosive attacks to hook-and-chain attacks, threatening as much as $250,000 for each ATM per crime. According to EAST (European Association for Secure Transactions), in Europe only, it would make close to $100M per year stolen if all of the attempts succeeded.

However, they do result in cash machine vandalism, causing significant property damages and high repairing costs. An ATM can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $80,000. And it will also take an estimated 4.5 months before an attacked machine is repaired and reopened, which drives up expenses for the bank as extra time and labor will be needed.

Our client, one of the biggest banks in Saudi Arabia, has been looking for safeguards and countermeasures against ATM attacks in order to prevent catastrophic loss. And with GV350MG, an LTE advanced tracker, Queclink offers an effective solution to their concerns.


The ATM attacks pose two major challenges for the counterpart of the crime. The first lies in the machine’s thick shell, which hinders the effectiveness of any tracking device; the second is the difficulty of retrieving the machines after the attacks are materialized.

An ATM is made up of two sections— the head module, where all the user features are present, and the bottom safe, where the cash dispenser is located. Most of the non-electrical parts of this machine are cut from steel sheets, and the bottom safe, in particular, has steel walls that can be up to 2 inches thick, making it impossible for any GPS signal to penetrate, let alone the usual working of the tracking devices.

For our client in Saudi Arabia, whose ATMs are placed far away from the city district, another challenge is the difficulty of getting back the machines after the crime occurred. Typically, the local criminals would rip the entire apparatus from its wall mount, and take the whole ATM away. The attack process takes only about three minutes, and the responding police who need time to arrive at the scene are often left with nothing and no clue to retrieve the loss.


Despite the challenges, Queclink’s GV350MG provides a solution for the bank to effectively prevent and combat ATM attacks.

The GV350MG has two built-in antennas: one GSM/LTE antenna for cellular connectivity, and one GNSS antenna for positioning. To reduce the obstruction of the metal shell, the device’s cellular antenna is positioned towards the ATM’s screen, permitting the signals to penetrate through glass for continuous report. The GNSS signals are also strengthened with an additional external antenna deployed outside the metal box. Once the cash machine is detached, these antennas help keep tabs on the ATM’s precise location as the device reports to the bank’s central server, ensuring the machine’s location remains traceable. 

With the device’s motion sensor, an alarm can be triggered whenever an unauthorized person attempts to move the cash machine. Its geo-fencing feature will also alert when the machine leaves a pre-defined area (the “fences”), and the tampering alarm feature notifies when the machine’s external power voltage is cut off. As a result, security and law enforcement are able to receive the message as soon as an attack occurs, and take actions without delay. 

The GV350MG also includes an internal battery for extended operating time. The battery allows the device to continue reporting the ATM’s whereabouts for several more hours without the use of an outer power supply, giving police enough time to track the machine and apprehend the criminals before they conceal or transfer the booty.


Queclink’s GV350MG solution aids the bank in quickly identifying suspicious activity and responding with appropriate measures to prevent potential loss. Some of the benefits include: 

  • Tracking and Traceability

The built-in and enternal antennas as well as the internal battery of the device enable traceability of the ATMs and helps the bank receive accurate locations even without an external power supply. Such traceability is especially important for combating crimes and retrieving the machines in the face of ATM attacks. 

  • Faster Response

The GV350MG sends instant alerts whenever the machine is moved or the power is cut off, allowing security and law enforcement teams to act faster and earlier, increasing the chances of catching the attackers.

  • Less Loss and Lower Costs

The solution assists the bank in better protecting its assets. And as the device monitors and tracks the cash machines 24/7, the bank is able to save expenses on building or improving its security infrastructure in the suburbs where their ATMs are located.

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