Queclink’s Cold Chain Solution Ensures Uncompromised Food Safety and Quality

The demand for an effective cold chain solution in the US has been on the rise. Consumer’s shift towards healthier lifestyles boosted by the pandemic has made fresh fruits and vegetables one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the US food market.

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) predicts that the consumption of fresh produce will continue to rise in the coming years. This places significant importance on the timely and safe delivery of those perishable goods, highlighting the need for a reliable cold chain solution throughout the entire supply chain.

Queclink’s client, one of the biggest HVACR companies in the US, is dedicated to helping grocery stores resolve difficulties that arise at every step of the food supply chain. And with Queclink’s cold chain solution, the company is well on its way.




Keeping food under the desired temperature throughout the food transportation is a complex endeavor. It comprises multiple steps, often with frequent changes in ownership, custody, and control. A single delivery may go through as many as 30 distinct procedures from the farm to the store. Each transition could pose a risk if temperature control is not properly maintained.

Various foods need to be stored at different temperatures to prevent bacterial growth, prolong shelf life, and cut down waste. For instance, tomatoes, yellow onions and potatoes have to be kept at 5.5 to 12.2 °C to maintain their quality, and general produce like leafy greens, apples, and berries must be stored between 0 to 3.8 °C. Meat, dairy, and frozen foods all ask for specific temperature ranges for optimal preservation. Keeping a vigilant, constant check on the temperature, therefore, becomes ever important.

Furthermore, ensuring quality is not just about making sure the temperature stays right. Environmental considerations also play a crucial role in preserving the freshness and quality of perishable products. Optimizing humidity conditions, minimizing vibrations during transportation, preventing unauthorized access or light exposure, and tracking shipments in real-time are all essential for maintaining the integrity of the food items.


Queclink has offered the HAVCR company a dependable cold chain solution with multiple tracker choices. These devices can not only detect locations in real-time, but also monitor the ambient temperature, humidity, and light throughout the multi-stage food transportation process.

The tracker begins monitoring and uploading data as soon as the food is prepared (harvested or cooked) for delivery. It can be activated inside the shipping container to immediately begin recording data of in-transit perishable shipments. Once the cargo is on the way, the device’s built-in light sensor can also alert drivers to any unattended door openings that put goods at risk.

Considering that the trip of food’s transportation can span from days to weeks — by truck, rail, or air, Queclink has provided trackers with different battery lives and connectivity support to accommodate a wide variety of needs. Both 20 and 60 day battery life options are available, so that the device can cover a trip (or several trips) from start to finish with ease. Trackers that support the 4G/5G network have been included in addition to the basic ones that provide only 2G/3G connectivity. Some devices do not require fixed installation and can thus be utilized for another journey, allowing greater flexibility.

Apart from the tracking device, Queclink also offers a customized data logger that enables visibility into historical trip or shipment data at every step of the food transportation, keeping tabs of the ambient temperature and humidity along the way. The mini-sized gadget integrates a USB port for direct computer access, and can automatically generate PDF files with comprehensive data in the prescribed format established by the Food and Drug Administration.


As store owners, customers, and health inspectors are calling for increased transparency in the food supply chain from farm to fork, Queclink’s customized cold chain solution is what ensures consistent delivery of safe, high-quality food offerings that all expect.

With Queclink’s solution, operators now have the potential for visibility into each step of food’s journey and the possibility for comprehensive cold chain traceability. Stakeholders at each point are also enabled to monitor and track a variety of conditions, preserving food safety and quality for masses of customers.

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