Queclink Launches GL53MG Plus: A Compact Asset Management Device for Extended Tracking

Queclink, the world-leading provider of IoT devices and solutions, announced the release of their latest asset tracker, the GL53MG Plus. This cutting-edge product builds upon the success of its predecessor, the GL53MG, featuring an upgraded battery capacity to provide long-term tracking capabilities for high-value assets and small vehicles.
The GL53MG Plus sets itself apart from the previous GL53MG as an advanced version of the 4G asset tracker, now equipped with a battery of 4400 mAh battery. With a standby time of up to 4 years and reporting once a day, this device ensures prolonged usability while minimizing maintenance costs.

Leveraging the power of 4G LTE Cat M1/NB2 cellular technology with 2G fallback support, the GL53MG Plus boasts low power consumption, extensive coverage, and global compatibility. These features make it a stable and reliable solution for uninterrupted asset management across the entire supply chain worldwide. Additionally, the device incorporates BLE 5.2 functionality, further enhancing communication stability and increasing asset visibility.

When choosing asset security solutions utilizing IoT devices, factors such as concealability, durability, and cost control play a vital role. To meet the demand for continuous and unnoticeable asset tracking and management in case of asset theft or robbery, Queclink’s new GL53MG Plus uses a compact design, allowing for easy and covert installation while catering to diverse management needs.

Given that asset trackers typically operate in various environments, including outdoor conditions, industrial settings, and harsh surroundings, durability and reliability are paramount. The GL53MG Plus is equipped with an IP67-rated waterproof casing, safeguarding its internal electronic components from water, dust, and other damages caused by vibrations. This means the device can effectively operate in most environments for extended periods without compromise.

Efficient asset management holds significant influence over business operations and sustainable development in modern enterprise management. With extensive experience in asset tracking and strong research and development capabilities in wireless communication, Queclink is well-positioned and experienced in this domain, with its devices proven reliable for the client’s needs.

Looking ahead, the company will remain committed to understanding market demands and forging close collaborations with global customers and partners to unlock further possibilities in an increasingly connected world.