Queclink's CPE Enables Connectivity and Improved Commuter Experience in South Africa

In South Africa, minibus taxis are more than a mode of transport; they are the lifeblood of urban mobility, deeply integrated into the daily lives of communities. Serving as the primary transportation method for over 68% of the population, these minibuses are crucial in connecting individuals to work, home, and opportunities.

Acknowledging the pivotal role these vehicles play, a notable transformation is underway to improve the commuter experience through technological advancements. Amidst the change, a leading minibus taxi operator in the region has identified Queclink’s WR201 Industrial Cellular CPE as the perfect solution to elevate their vehicle network into a hub of connectivity and operational efficiency.


In an increasingly digital world, both passengers and minibus taxi operators expect accessible and reliable onboard Wi-Fi to stay connected, work online, or entertain themselves during their commutes. Stable and continuous connectivity has already become necessary rather than optional.

In designing a solution, the operator collaborated with Queclink to deliver a personalized experience instead of mere internet access to their passengers. By integrating the high-performance WR201 with the customized software, Queclink’s solution set up a captive portal, which directs passengers to a designated login page before accessing the Wi-Fi. It served as an ideal on-board Wi-Fi system as the operated expected and brought several benefits after implementation.


The WR201 leverages 4G cellular technology to ensure a seamless online experience for passengers looking to work, communicate, or stay entertained during their commutes.

Its dual-SIM capability allows for uninterrupted service by switching between network providers seamlessly, maintaining a stable connection even in areas where individual network coverage might be weak or interrupted. For minibuses that are constantly on the move, this feature is particularly critical.

Alongside hardware implementation, a customized software featuring a captive portal system has also been developed and integrated. This system necessitates that passengers authenticate themselves to access the internet, thus granting the operator comprehensive management over internet usage.

This system and authentication process not only enhances the safety of the Internet as the operator has control over who can use their Internet services; but also open up new avenues for providing passengers with targeted content and advertisements, as well as a suite of value-added services that can elevate their overall experience. The operator got to decide what content they want to show or promote to the passengers, as well as what not to ensure cyber and data security.

Additionally, the WR201’s real-time tracking enhances the safety and security of minibus services. In case of emergencies, the exact location of the vehicles can be quickly determined, ensuring passenger and driver safety.


The integration of Queclink’s WR201 industrial cellular CPE offers significant benefits for both the minibus taxi operator and their passengers in South Africa:

Reliable Onboard Internet Access: By providing stable and reliable internet access, the solution significantly enhances the passenger experience, enabling them to stay connected, productive, and entertained throughout their journey.

Enhanced Internet Service Management: The captive portal not only manages Internet access but also creates opportunities for targeted advertising and content delivery, bringing added value to the operator during each trip.

Increased Safety and Security: The tracking functionality ensures a rapid response in emergencies, bolstering the safety standards of the commuting service.

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