Transforming Corporate Car Sharing with Queclink’s GV350CEU in the Oil and Gas Industry

Car sharing has become a popular alternative to car ownership among private individuals and is increasingly significant in the corporate sector. Many businesses, including those in the oil and gas industries, are looking to downsize their fleets or switch to eco-friendly options. And car sharing offers these companies the chance to lower operational expenses and streamline administrative processes.

Building on this trend, Queclink has provided a transformative solution for one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies.


The oil and gas sector operates in a dynamic and demanding environment, requiring the management of a diverse fleet. Employees from the same organization share a pool of vehicles for their business-related travel needs, presenting challenges in vehicle availability, cost-saving, fleet size reduction, optimizing usage, reducing emissions, and maintaining security and flexibility.

The variety of vehicle types and models, from light commercial vehicles to passenger cars, complicates the implementation of a universal solution. With a growing fleet of over 2000 vehicles, using direct CANBus control for all models is not feasible. In response to these challenges, Queclink introduced the GV350CEU, an LTE Vehicle Tracker with an enhanced CANBus system, as the optimal solution.


The GV350CEU is an advanced telematics device featuring high-precision positioning GNSS modules and robust Cat 1 connectivity with 2G fallback, ensuring connectivity even in remote areas. This facilitates uninterrupted monitoring and control of vehicles during trips. 

A key advantage of using GV350CEU as a main device in this solution is its secure BLE app integrated into customized firmware, which enables secure control over the vehicles lock/unlock through OUT. The control applies to the doors opening, closing, and vehicle’s immobilization in each role, which made up a universal solution for the companys more than 2,000 vehicles.

Compared to those that utilize direct CANBus control for car sharing, the GV350CEU and relays can be easily integrated with all company vehicles despite their variety in functions and models, making a simple and scalable solution for the operators and users.

For designated drivers, the door can be easily unlocked using a pre-set password; whereas for unauthorized identities, speculative password retries will be immediately detected before the device automatically immobilizes the vehicle and notifies the client.The passwords can also be updated frequently, so that vehicle security is guaranteed at all times.

Upon entering the correct password, the car admits the driver’s access, and the key will be found inside the box, with which the driver can start their journey efficiently and seamlessly.

Additionally, the GV350CEU features a CANBus interface that allows the clients to access powerful CANBus databases,  providing insights into fuel levels, odometer readings, engine speed, engine temperature, and more. This assists in accurately logging driving time and enhances the user experience with consistent car-sharing technology.


· A Universal Solution for All Vehicles

The GV350CEU solution controls vehicles through relays and the Secure APP instead of direct CANBus control. This approach ensures it works universally for all company-owned vehicles, regardless of type or model, and easily scales to include any new cars added to the fleet.

· Enhanced Reliability and Fleet Security

Using a combination of reliable hardware, firmware, and software, the solution provides robust security from reserving the cars remotely till they are returned, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and misuse.

· Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

The automated control system reduces the need for manual supervision, lowering costs and streamlining operations. This efficiency extends to maintenance, where real-time data supports proactive vehicle care.

· Increased Employee Satisfaction and Flexibility

The solution provides employees access to a shared fleet that allows flexible, efficient travel arrangements, enhancing satisfaction and boosting productivity due to time-saving operations and decreased downtime. 

Queclink’s GV350CEU solution for corporate car sharing has set new standards in efficiency, security, and user convenience. By transforming corporate transportation, the device paves the way for smarter, more secure, and efficient fleet management practices, and contributes to a more sustainable business operation that is scalable and future-proof.

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