We’ve proudly helped more than 3,800 businesses around the world develop and enhance their IoT solutions. Led by an international executive group, we’ve steadily built our worldwide presence in over 140 countries, including regions in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. In each market, our local service teams work to complement our partners and customers IoT requirements. Whether it is a smart device or hardware solution, we are in close contact with our partners and customers, providing them with innovative technical solutions in a timely manner.

Meet Our Global Customers

Vidya Subramanian
Vice President – Products, Roambee

“Roambee is a global leader in helping companies control their goods and assets – indoors, outdoors, and in-transit – with sensor data monitoring, analytics, alerts, and automated response. Our leading platform utilizes innovative devices being tracked across the world in various cellular and GPS networks.
Queclink has been a strong partner to deliver products for our services. We have found Queclink to be an agile partner in developing new products when needed and supplanting features into established products when required. The overall quality and reliability of the devices from Queclink has been well received by our customers. We’ve experienced Queclink support and engineering teams go above and beyond in their effort to find suitable solutions if issues arise or when developing cutting edge technologies like LPWAN. Queclink also shows a keen sense of flexibility required of a partner to negotiate the business cycles that drive overall business.”

Wagner Peres
CEO, FullTime and Latam Telematics

When we seek to form a partnership, we try to find suppliers that will act as our values for doing business. In this way we found Queclink, standing out for its seriousness, reliability and great interpersonal development, consequently we created a very successful partnership with it. The Queclink team has solid knowledge offering us guidance and support in our homologations allowing us to integrate all the existing functions of Queclink devices with our Tracking Software called FullTrack, thus going far beyond our expectations, being always available to assist and to complement our ideas. In particular we took the opportunity to thank Mr. Alejandro Patino and Marcelo Orsi. Today it has become a great ally and partner, a company that demonstrates flexibility and commitment to the success of its partners.”


Valério Marques
CEO, Frotcom International Fleets

“Frotcom International started working with Queclink in 2015. So we have a long relationship. The thing that we see as unique in Queclink is their service to us. Don’t get me wrong, the hardware is completely reliable and its architecture allows us to program a very comprehensive set of features. But where Queclink clearly stands out is in their attention to us, the client. We would think they don’t sleep. We can ask them a question in skype when it’s already afterhours in China, and the response is often immediate. I often use Queclink as an example when I need to explain what customer service should be.”

Meet Our Global Partners

Sebastian Cason
CEO of Itego

“During the 10 years that I have been working with Queclink, we have managed to position ourselves as Market Leaders, thanks to professionalism and the enormous technical and human capacity demonstrated in being able to generate a successful case from each project. The quality and robustness of the devices as well as the technical response to innovations, the speed and punctuality in dispatching the units were a key factor.”

Olga Filonchuk
Head of IBDC, Gurtam

“Gurtam has been working with Queclink for 10 years. All this time, we appreciated the expertise and passion of the Queclink’s team. And this attitude gives excellent results. The company is in the TOP 10 GPS Hardware Manufacturers rating by Gurtam for 2020. We at Gurtam are glad to have Queclink as a technology partner. Having shared quality standards and vision of the telematics future, we face many business opportunities ahead.”

Johan Franson
Founder & CEO

“At GpsGate, our focus is to connect people with the best technology. That’s why we’ve developed our fleet tracking solution to put users in control. Partnering with the market-leaders at Queclink allow us to provide an even more powerful experience. With their exceptional staff and the latest tech, we’re able to help GpsGate users get to know their fleets better.”

Industrial Partners

Distribution Partners