Herd management and food traceability is a key part of the global livestock industry. Together with Leader Products, we provide farmers with animal identification products to better support livestock management and enhance their competitiveness in the industry. Combining advanced technology with our key partners – that have over 75 years of experience in the livestock industry – our products provide governments with the confidence to ensure they can trace livestock throughout the food chain.

About Leader Products and Queclink

In 2018, Queclink Wireless Solutions Co. Ltd formed a partnership with Leader Products for the exclusive distribution rights of their products outside of the Australian and New Zealand market.


Combining the experience of Leader Products in the industry and the technology of Queclink, the two companies have joined forces to revolutionise the livestock identification industry by providing reliable and innovative solutions for managing livestock.


We understand the only way to innovate is to think differently. That’s why we continue to introduce new products and roll out our global laser marking facilities and ecommerce platform. Both companies are committed to supporting traceability, sustainability and management options for all species of livestock around the world.


Secure – Our ID tags are safe and easy to apply, which helps to reduce the risk of infection, stress and impact on the animal being tagged.

Versatile – Products are suitable for multiple different species of animals around the world.

Durable – Livestock ID tags are designed for life-long retention, with enhanced strength, flexibility and UV stability to withstand even the harshest environmental elements. They enable farmers to look at the complete history of the animals; and thus, maintain high levels of food safety and product integrity allowing for greater market access.

Compliant – Our products meet that highest industry standards to comply with mandatory government identification systems throughout the world.


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