Our customers often have IoT requirements that are entirely unique to their business. For these customers, we play the role of a strategic advisor to develop an original IoT project proposal unique to them. More than just providing personalized and reliable solutions, we consider our customized solutions as strategic collaborations to extend the potential of our customers’ business operations. With an analytical mindset, our customized solutions are designed to achieve a balance between business and technology priorities. From development to scalable product manufacturing, our R&D and supply chain resources turn the idea into a real cost-effective solution.


Nuestros expertos cuentan con una basta experiencia en la colaboración con clientes durante proyectos personalizados.


Nuestro procesos de fabricación son adaptables para soportar configuraciones únicas del cliente, como la inserción de SIM y distintos requisitos de embalaje.


Nuestras soluciones personalizadas están diseñadas para lograr un equilibrio entre las prioridades comerciales y tecnológicas.


Siempre estamos ahí para nuestros clientes, porque cuando tienen éxito, nosotros también.

Proceso de Personalización

Casos de uso

Cold Chain Logistics

Queclink’s products for cold chain logistics are designed in partnership with some of the largest global food security companies. They ensure transported refrigerated and frozen products arrive at their destination in the conditions agreed upon. Governments and regulatory bodies are increasingly mandating that food products and medical shipments are both traceable and monitored during shipment, and Queclink’s cold chain products ensure these requirements are met.

Single-use options to simplify operational requirements

Complement the use of RFID tags for animal traceability

Exceptionally long battery life

Accurate monitoring of cold shipments

Insurance Telematics

Queclink is a leading supplier of insurance telematics products and has deployed over 2.5 million insurance telematics products worldwide. Our featured UBI products build upon our robust intellectual property in the telematics insurance sector and allow high-volume insurance carriers to customize products to their needs, including adapting specific form factors, cellular capabilities, data gathering and more.

Variety of forms to suit different installation requirements

Included software enables rapid development of custom solutions

Fully customized protocol development

Scooter & Bike

Queclink offers customized scooter and bike products that assist high-volume scooter rental and sharing companies. With over 650,000 scooter and bike products deployed worldwide, we have extensive knowledge and hands-on practical experience in integrating our products into scooter control networks.

Remote locking/unlocking of devices

Electric motor monitoring

Monitors system data, including battery charging, remaining distance and temperature monitoring

Humidity protected and waterproof

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